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We’ve been entertaining the idea of paring down the E30 and MkV GTI to one car, and thinking how perfectly an engine-swapped E30 Touring would fit that bill (we like the E28/E34 M5’s S38 mill, but certainly wouldn’t complain about an S50 out of an E36 M3). Too bad Tourings were never imported to the US – the recurring lament of the auto enthusiast here – making federalized examples about as rare as hen’s teeth. Time to start keeping a closer eye out for these on BaT, where they appear to pop up, oh, about once a year or so. We’re kicking ourselves over this one in particular. $12K?? Had we been in the market then, we would have snatched that beauty up in a heartbeat. F*** our timing.

Even stock, they look so, so good.

No such issue with unobtanium in other parts of the world:

£900! Can you imagine? If we can’t find one here, we may need to import one in a couple of years, when they turn 25 years old and become exempt from federalization requirements.

~ by velofinds on March 31, 2011.

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  1. Yes! E30 tourings are very, very cool, and there plenty in the UK although good ones getting rarer…

  2. Apparently the E30 tourings weren’t rust-proofed as well as the sedans or coupes. A bit ironic considering the sort of “all weather, go anywhere” image of the touring model. Watch out for rust along the rear window hatch.

  3. My father used to have one of these. The first car that I drove.. will never forget.

  4. Look out for me battling you on the BaT front. I was equally ready to pounce on any E30 touring in the US, but alas, Money is never there when the cars are. I have my eye on an e36 touring with an s54!

    No I will not tell you where..

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