Oh wow

Have you ever seen such a thing? It wouldn’t have *ever* occurred to us to do this to a Jaguar XJ (if it’s a Jag, it feels like it should have chrome somewhere), and we’re still not sure we would but… we think it comes together quite nicely.

To say this is one of the more unusual and unconventional Jags we’ve ever seen would be an understatement.


~ by velofinds on March 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “Oh wow”

  1. Nice find, the side skirts may be a bit too much but overall not a bad attempt. I think the overall mod would be more suited to the two-coupe version. Found this which might interest you: http://jaguar.fiboy.com/XJ12C.htm

  2. That is a total coke dealer car. Sorry but no thanks!

  3. I suppose it has red shag-pile carpet, and maroon velvet seats too? Coke dealer perhaps, but more in keeping with a pimp-mobile I think. Either way, definitely at the high end of needless modifications. Give me a tall fur hat, an ankle-length fur coat, some James Brown on the eight-track, and we’re ready for a night in the Bronx…

  4. Yes, leave this sort of stuff to the wideboys in their Bimmers and Mercs. Jags, especially the Series III should be above these shennaigans. Mind you the blingtastic job Jag did on the last of the X350s wasn’t far off this.

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