Checking in with just about one of our favorite 2002s M2s cars ever

It’s rare to have a car make multiple appearances on this site (other than our own), but this is one such car. To be sure, it’s done up louder than we normally like – it’s no subtle thing, this – but you get the sense that a car this thoroughly badass was never meant to live the quiet life of a wallflower. We get – and even like – sleepers, but we also think that there’s a place in this world for cars that wear their capabilities on their sleeves. (Otherwise, all we’d ever have are stock-looking cars hiding away their engine transplants.)

It’s all right by us, in other words.

Doing what it was built by its owner to do:

Full specs and history here, plus more photos here. So superb. With possibly the exception of the white trunk and hood, this car represents just about everything we’d ever want in a weekend/track car.

~ by velofinds on March 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Checking in with just about one of our favorite 2002s M2s cars ever”

  1. Love it minus the checkered flag stickers. I would roll it. for sure.

  2. i could be cool with the flags. boy racer for sure, but they are a bmw club racing staple.

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