More David-and-Goliath action

Here’s an entertaining (if at times frustrating to watch) clip of a $500 24 Hours of LeMons entrant giving some P-cars a run for their money at a local track day:

What we see here:

  1. a terrific driver driving the wheels off his 134 hp E30 318is
  2. very obviously slower drivers of far more expensive and exotic machinery being stingy with point-bys (and perhaps nursing sore egos)

In other words, typical stuff. One would think those who have made it to the advanced run group of a DE organizer like PCA would somehow be above that, but no. Bewildering.

And here’s a bonus clip from the same event:

Thunderbolt is such an entertaining track.

~ by velofinds on March 23, 2011.

10 Responses to “More David-and-Goliath action”

  1. The fact that an E30 can be outbraking and outcornering a GT3 on STREET TIRES! IS a real testament to the disparate levels of driving talent here! That guy in the black whale tale really didnt get it, did he?

  2. i also like how he gave the point-by and then proceeded to get on the gas, instead of doing the right thing by lifting. if he is riding your bumper through the corners, he is faster than you! let him go by. it doesn’t matter that you can blow past him on the straights. fast car ≠ fast driver.

    i am very conscious about watching my mirror when i’m on the track because i never want to be ‘that guy’.

  3. thats pretty funny but it just shows me that they dont have experience on a track and dont know how to drive that car…at the end of the day they still get to drive home in a Porsche lol. Im sure the guy in the bimmer feels pretty good about that run though…I know I would.

    • the funny thing is, all of these guys have experience- you don’t get to the advanced run group overnight, and not just anyone makes it. so they are not n00bs.

      but that doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to human folly, or that they’re all equally good drivers.

      • well I guess I stand corrected, in that case…thats pretty sad for the Porsche drivers haha

  4. well…(A) that E30 is severely stripped out, and has been totally altered….it probably weighs a fraction of what it was supposed to weigh (B) it sounds like utter crap! i can’t even bear to listen to that for more than 30 seconds.

  5. Gives new meaning to “Powned”

  6. you guys have to let us know the next time you come out to njmp we would have loved to have the deathmobile out there with you since the last race we were running almost identical lap times

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