Matte black Ferrari Porsche FJ40 is sex on alloy steel wheels

A rare truck appearance on this site (we won’t insult it by calling it an SUV). No, it doesn’t go fast, stop on a dime, or devour corners. What it will do is devour sand, and rock, and mud, and look every bit the badass while doing so. Or even while remaining perfectly motionless. Can’t remember the last time we wanted something so damn bad that wasn’t, well, a car! This thing is perfection on lifted suspension.

~ by velofinds on March 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Matte black Ferrari Porsche FJ40 is sex on alloy steel wheels”

  1. AND diesel! Love it.

  2. I want to do this exactly to my 1988 Toyota pickup. Perfect mods + diesel ftw.

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