Junior Z

Another Zagato that’s always been more curiosity than lust object. But here, we think we’ve discovered what is perhaps the best-looking angle on the Junior Zagato. Has a bit of Saab Sonett to it, but with less front overhang and more greenhouse. It looks absolutely fantastic on arch-filling Panasport mags and low-profile tires. So purposeful.

Maybe that’s all they ever really needed for us to get on board— upgraded stance and rolling gear.


~ by velofinds on March 16, 2011.

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  1. Ercole Spada called this his facorite Zagato creation. High praise.


    • indeed! thanks for the link— some interesting stuff there.

      from the link:

      Ercole Spada, Former Chief Stylist at Zagato.“My favorite Zagato model is the Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato. That car might have been too modern for its days, and even in the late eighties the concept was copied by other manufacturers, take the Honda CRX for example.”

      Karl Ludvigsen, Historian, librarian, author.“I am completely and utterly nuts, nuts, nuts and just comprehensively nuts about the Alfa Junior Zagato. It was first shown at Turin in November of 1969 in 1300 cc form and then upgraded to 1600 cc a couple of year later. Zagato did a wonderful job on this car with its body pared to the minimum and chock full of fascinating details. It’s magnificent. I borrowed one from Alfa on a trip to Italy and found it an absolute hoot. Light, lively and a dream to handle, it is the quintessential sports car.”

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