Alfa Romeo week at Motoring Con Brio

For no other reason than to thin out a backlog of material we have amassed and/or have had on the brain! It’s a good a reason as any, we figure. It won’t be comprehensive, or even pretend to be, but we hope you enjoy the random mishmash of Alfas (mostly street cars) about to come your way.

And now, here’s a sharp-looking 164 with the rather signature two-tone paint and tasty Zender Milanos, which look so right on these cars:

More on the 164 here, plus a very nice Quadrifoglio (like the one seen above) on sale now here.

~ by velofinds on March 14, 2011.

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  1. The 164 was such a classic sedan design, and from some angles still looks fresh today. My friend has owned several of them and says they are a true blast to drive.

  2. Guys, love your site! Im not really used to comment on things but really would like to hear your opinion. After I read the post from your Irish friend I found this one example for sale on one of Slovakian(my homeland) sites. Looks good and the price is so-so for me.

    What do you think? I’m looking for something stylish yet good to drive yet cheap. Any advice apart this Alfa?
    Keep on the great work!

    • looks like a pretty nice car if you ask me! i think you will love revving and hearing that v6 bark. my only word of caution is if you need something with good fuel economy (petrol isn’t cheap, after all). this car’s mileage might be decent (or maybe not even), but it can’t exactly be great with the v6 engine. therein lies the compromise.

  3. What about the handling? My main bone of contention with the 164 is the FF layout. Is it an issue or not….don’t recall any comments on this before.

    MCB we must be conjoined twins because our automotive imaginings coincide like some sort of motoring menstruation cycle, I tell you.

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