993 Turbo

A perennial favorite— probably a top ten, and one of the rare times we prefer forced induction to natural aspiration.

We’re split on the black-on-black look. On the one hand, this is not a look that we’ve traditionally loved. On the other hand, it has admittedly grown on us over the years (a sign that we’ve made peace with our inner boy racer?) and has at times been used to spectacular effect.

Here, the 993 Turbo is almost too pretty for black Turbo Twist wheels (this example also ‘needs moar spacer’). But still, it’s pretty damn hard to peel your eyes away.

Images via shinyside.net

~ by velofinds on March 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “993 Turbo”

  1. These cars really held their value surprisingly well, didnt they?

    • they really have (all of them, not just the top-dog turbo), although i’m not sure it’s so surprising: last of the mythical aircooleds, made in relatively small numbers, followed by the much-loathed 996. i fear it’ll only get worse (or better, if you happen to own one). personally, i’d love me a base carrera 2 for between 20-25k.

  2. count me as one of the very few who don’t really care for the 993. I’m not a fan of the bulgy overdone styling at all. if it comes to air cooled/oil cooled 911s, i am much more inclined to prefer anything pre-993. As for the 996, it is a vastly improved car over the 993 in many respects. I do dig the black on black look on this, although the wheels are a bit too shiny for my tastes. The 964 is the ultimate sleeper when it comes to pricing right now, though…..can be had for superb value!

  3. i like the 993 but also share the reservations expressed by syed.
    speaking of the 964… they are the favoured basis of paul steven’s retro-911s.

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