Don’t think for a minute that we’ve fallen asleep on the Lotus Elise in favor of older machinery— we still want one, bad. Even if it were as base an example as money could buy – with the Toyota Corolla engine that hasn’t been breathed on – we’d still be happier than pigs in slop.

One looking like this should do just nicely.

~ by velofinds on March 4, 2011.

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  1. Agree on the Elise, disagree on the rims. Lookin so .. Japanese?

    • True, they’re not the best-looking— but they are functional. Enkei RPF1s are lightweight, strong, and fairly common in amateur motorsport.

      • Oh sure, I forgot about that. Then my thumbs are up. 🙂

        Btw: Are you gonna say sth about the Cayman R and/or Alfa 4C? I got quite aroused about them the other day. 😉

      • i’m not a fan of the 4c, i’m afraid! the specs and figures tick all the right boxes – mid-engine, rwd, lightweight – but the looks for me leave much to be desired. perhaps it’ll drive brilliantly and make up for it— we’ll see.

        the cayman r with its hefty pricetag i am very cynical about, but let’s be honest, i’d take any cayman or boxster in a heartbeat as long as it has a manual gearbox or pdk. and i love the boxster spyder, so the cayman r doesn’t fall very far from that tree.

  2. Ah, I remember you sayin that on Axis regarding the 4C.
    About the price of the Cayman R: I did the comparison in the configurator with a somewhat equally equipped Cayman S and it came out much more expensive. If you want those rims from the Spyder, the bucket seats and stuff like that (and I definetly would) the R is actually well-priced. Leaving aside that the Cayman itself is not what I would call a bargain..

  3. Evo reports that the low-spec, Corolla-motored version of the Elise is the sweetest to drive across the board. It’s still no slouch either, with sub 6 seconds to 60 MPH.

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