What driving events will you be doing in 2011?

Whether it’s a track day, race day, road trip, vintage rally, or just your favorite local twisty road hit up over and over, let us know what you have lined up for this year. And when the time comes, share your photos and videos with us. Because as we like to say— as fun as it may be to blog (and to consume blogs) about cars, driving them – whatever is parked in your driveways, garages, and parking spots right now – is about a thousand times better.

As for this blog, we have plans to hit up Watkins Glen a couple of times, Lime Rock and New Jersey Motorsports Park at least once, a southern trip culminating in the Tail of the Dragon (which we’re particularly excited about), a couple of autocrosses, and – gas prices willing – local driving to tide us over in between. If we’re able to squeeze in a karting event or two, that would be gravy.

And of course, we’re eagerly looking forward to breaking in the new ride:

Should be a great one— the driving season can’t get here fast enough (although we are starting to see vestiges of spring). We’re sure you all feel the same way.

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  1. Limerock trackday in June, Pocono North in August, autocross once a month. Can’t wait to get the snows off!

    Keep up the good work, by the way- my first comment but I’m a faithful reader.

  2. probably doing a roadtrip from the north of germany to the north of italy in summer. guess what we are crossing.. *.*

  3. I won’t bore the shit out of everybody here so here are the main events.

    Modena Trackday
    Le Man 24h
    Nurburgring 24h
    ADV Oldtimer

  4. Based on your recommendation, I’m going to drive Highway 299 in Northern California once it warms up. I’m also going to Canada GP, although no team has asked me to drive for them…yet.

  5. Going to take a road trip through the Ozark’s the wifey. Breaking in the M3

  6. Just did my first autocross session and shooting for April 2nd at Willow springs small “canyon course”; Horse Thief Mile then get ready for the new arrival, Yikes!

  7. This weekend my car gets an engine again. So then this year can begin! Motoring fun wise that is.

    Not much plans yet, except visiting the Nurburgring, with my own car this time.

  8. I was hoping to get down to Sebring for the 12hrs, but that isnt happanin’. Hopefully I will make it up to Mid-Ohio when AMLS make it there as well as Grand-Am. Mid-Ohio looks like the only venue I will be going to this year (planned anyway).

    Other than that I plan on AutoX-ing the crap out of my 510. 🙂

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