Crap! This is new. A stepnose not only lowered aggressively, but sitting on those classic alloys (probably our favorite look on these cars) painted a nice deep gunmetal? Bananas. Along with the stance and bumper delete, this is probably the most aggressive-looking streeted Alfa we’ve seen in recent memory. We couldn’t care less that the paint on the rear body panel doesn’t match the rest of the car. Or that it’s a Junior. Want. So. Bad.


~ by velofinds on March 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “Junior”

  1. This thing looks like a beast!! Well done.

  2. Indeed 🙂

  3. I freaking love looking at these things!! Please, please tell me they are fast and handle great!

    • handle great? yes. fast? well, not compared to your m5 🙂 but my understanding/belief is that the lively handling and vintage road manners on these and others of its ilk more than make up for it. after all, ‘fast’ doesn’t necessarily equate ‘fun to drive’.

  4. Man you should hear that e34 over 4kRPM. It’s extra-virgin, first press nirvana. It’s really kind of a dog under 3.5k though… It’s just a shame that there aren’t really any good roads on Oahu. Have you driven Ca hwy 236?

  5. I’ve driven most of those! There are 3 that I haven’t yet. I’ll have to check those out! Thanks! I forgot, and thought that you were in Ca, and not back east!

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