The tears of a clown

That’s the first thought that came to mind upon coming across the derrière of this TVR Sagaris:

It’s an undeniably sexy car (we love the green, and the tail pipes are a hoot), but we wish it didn’t look quite as… busy. Ultimately for us, TVRs mine a similar territory as Spykers (although the former’s history goes back much farther), meaning we can appreciate them as car guys, but would never picture them as cars for ourselves— even if money were no object.

(Image credit: Victor Masson)

~ by velofinds on February 25, 2011.

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  1. and just for fun:

  2. there was a time i was in love with the TVR Sagaris. It is truly one of the most evil looking cars on the planet……but a complete handful to drive, supposedly—-as are all TVRs. They are very cool cars, not that expensive…..i hope the company comes back into the fold.

  3. TVR’s styling is always overcooked. Because basically the cars are stunning. My favorite is still the Griffith from the 90s. That car was so CLEAN.

  4. Technically, Spyker’s history goes much further back than TVR…though in the present guise it is much newer. The old Spyker graced us with first 6 cylinder engine vehicle, first 4 wheel drive and all 4 wheel brakes in a car…check out the Spyker 60HP.

  5. Have been a passenger in a T350T ‘Red Rose’ (T350 with Sagaris Engine). Certainly one of the best things I’ve experienced. Cheap, loud, very fast, completely bonkers and dangerous. Want one. Badly.

  6. tvr interiors were every bit as nuts as the exteriors.

  7. another view:

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