Porsches doin’ work

And working hard at what they do best— y’know, camping, biking, hauling stuff, things of that nature.

Nothing quite like seeing a P-car put to use beyond some of its traditional roles (sports car, yuppie transport) to warm the cockles.

Images: Pelican Parts, Ridelust, tcl, Axis, Volksworld, skorj

~ by velofinds on February 16, 2011.

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  1. These pics are great! There was a time when I use to stuff my mountain bike in the back of the car…miss those days!

  2. Similarly, but without the surf-ski, the Mexico Blue Targa here provided me with one of my greatest road-trip pleasures; a 1800km high-speed burn from Melbourne to the Byron Bay Blues Festival.

    My brother and I grabbed two sets of underwear, two sleeping bags, and two small tents. With the roof stuffed behind the front seats, we filled the trunk with the soft stuff, some bourbon & some beer, and hit the road.

    The whole way up, we were passed by one car; a little old lady in a Mazda Demio oblivious to the speed limit in a small outback town. We allowed her that indulgence.

    Having left after work on the Friday, we pulled into the campground Saturday afternoon in one very dirty, very hot 911, pitched the tents to the sound of the cooling exhaust, cracked the bourbon with the other Commodore and ute-borne crusties, and got off to Canned Heat…

  3. This picture has been making its rounds on the interwebs also.


  4. Oh, that’s exactly how my future Porsche will be used.

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