Whiskey tango foxtrot?

The 1986 Lancia Delta ECV 2. Almost has the proportions of a Honda CRX!

The Lancia ECV (stands for Experimental Composite Vehicle) was a prototype Group S rally car developed by the Italian manufacturer Lancia to replace the Lancia Delta S4 in World Rally Championship competition for the 1988 season. However, Group B as well as Group S cars were banned from competition by the FIA in late 1986 due to safety concerns and the ECV never raced. Lancia instead developed the Group A Lancia Delta…

Despite the cancellation of Group S, Lancia improved the ECV with the ECV II. The ECV II carbon-fibre chassis was that of the ECV I. The designer of the car is Carlo Gaino of Synthesis design. The ECV II concept car was more compact and featured improved aerodynamics. The ECV II had the same engine and chassis but a different paint scheme (source).


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  1. With the new Fiat-Chrysler merger, the Lancia ECV will just be rebadged Dodge Neons.

  2. Gee, if you had to describe the 1980s using a car..

  3. interestingly, if group s were to have gone ahead, one of the lancia’s competitors would have been the toyota mr2 222d, which in contrast actually looks like a proper rally car:

  4. That Lancia looks better than the 222B rally version of the MR2. And seeing I own an AW11 MR2 I actually should have been less objective 😛

  5. fascinating, man! you inspired me to show the audi side of the Group S story….i love these types of ‘lost’ prototypes.

  6. Fascinating! Thank you!

  7. It’s a shame indeed, but luckily, Fiat only made half of Lancia’s line up outof rebadged Crhyslers. atleast for europe. Next to the recent New Delta, they are coming with a new Ypsilon, this year. And only the rebadged 300C and Voyager are beeing sold as Lancia. So 50% is still good 🙂

    Even Fiat is smart enough to keep the Chrysler 200 rebadging to Flavia only as a concept idea, before actually putting it on the market. Hopefully enough people will say no to that car…

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