Some recent ones of the E30

The car has been a joy to drive, and isn’t a bad looker if we don’t say so ourselves 🙂 We’re loving it since it’s pretty much everything the GTI is not, with the exception that in their own respective ways, each is fun to drive.

Video to come soon. Got some footage the other day but the sound decided to give up the ghost, rendering it useless. Taking the inline-six to redline produces a heady rush of noise that’s pretty intoxicating (not to mention addictive), at least when heard from behind the steering wheel (in a car that’s had its rear seat and sound deadening removed, no less). We don’t expect the camera to be able to replicate it (not the one we’re using, anyway), but we’re curious to see if it’ll capture even a fraction. Stay tuned.

~ by velofinds on February 14, 2011.

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  1. so nice!

  2. Seriously, E30 perfection here guys. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. “We’re loving it since it’s pretty much everything the GTI is not…” Details please

    • just the self-evident things:

      – fwd vs rwd
      – 6-speed dual-clutch dsg vs 5-speed manual
      – new vs old
      – safety nets like traction control vs no safety nets

      and so on.

      compared to the e30, the gti feels very fast, very modern, and very high-tech (in no small thanks to the dsg, which is pretty impressive). the e30 in contrast is very obviously an older car, very mechanical, very simple. i know you’ve been looking at GTIs and i wouldn’t want to deter you from one— they’re terrific cars and loads of fun. i think both kinds of cars (old and new) have their place, and are enjoyable to own and drive in their different ways.

  4. I know what that feeling is. The 911 was the “raw” race vehicle to my e36. Now the Datsun makes the 911 feel like a bentley. My wife said ” this is luxury now!” mostly just the noise and smooth ride.

  5. Are those the factory 16″ rims? What kind of tires are you running on them?

    • they are 16s that came from an e38 7-series. 205/50/16 front and 225/45/16 rear is what came with the car; i will be going to a square (non-staggered) setup when it comes time to replace the tires.

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