Two Alfas we have lusted after recently

’67 Giulia Super:

’73 GTV:

The Super comes via BaT (natch) and is available in case you happen to have a cool 30K burning a hole in your pocket right this moment. The GTV went recently for 20K. Looks so good with the 14″ Cromodora Daytonas! Don’t think we’ve ever seen these wheels on a GTV before— it’s rather amazing how big and modern 14s can look on a small classic car. The dilemma (a nice one to have, obviously) is that there are a number of fine wheel options for the GTV.

We find both cars to be insanely desirable. One of these days…

~ by velofinds on February 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Two Alfas we have lusted after recently”

  1. I have a serious weakness for these cars. The black one is gorgeous, but it ain’t no ‘Step-Nose’ (in Europe it’s referred to as a Step-Front). Last of the road-going step-fronts was arguably the GT 1300 Junior before its facelift in 1970 – Step-front Alfas almost always feature single headlamps.

  2. I love the GTV!

  3. I love the GTV as well.. only thing I’d do on this example would be to find a suitable round & chromed metal side mirror for it.

    The square black plastic just isn’t cutting it..

  4. That super is so utterly gorgeous my teeth hurt looking at it. I swear I gasped when I first saw it.

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