The extent of how much times have changed

Can you imagine BMW selling a pear green 5-Series car today? Nein. And the saddest thing? We think the color looks absolutely fantastic. We’ve seen it before but feel like we’ve slept on just how lovely it is— especially on this 5er.

They were so much cooler back then, weren’t they?

~ by velofinds on January 25, 2011.

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  1. they did a orange 1-series. doesn´t that count?^^

  2. looks hamfisted if you ask me! it doesn’t have any of the delicate loveliness of an inka orange or a colorado orange. the orange 1er sears the retinas. but then again the cars themselves are a bit hamfisted, so as one color suits the one car, so too, does the other color suit the other car. pear green or any of the other wonderfully subtle `70s hues would look so horribly out of place on a 1 M.

    the 1 M is so brutal to look at that i’d want one in the least obtrusive and attention-drawing color available. black, maybe— which i think should help in drawing less attention to some of its less flattering attributes.

  3. When my dad bought a 535 in around 1994, they had a hideous metallic green/silver option. I doubt very many people chose this!

  4. I watch old german tv shows to see cars like these. It is so nice to see a city full of E30s etc…

  5. I’m not a fan of the Green, but I am surpassed they used it on a 5 series, seems like a color they would try out on a 3 series.

    I just looked at paint colors for a 2010 GTI and the color selection is pretty weak. What happened to all the choices available on the mkIV’s: tropic orange, rave green, and that funky mustard yellow color.

    Do I have to buy a BMW M car to get a good selection of paint colors? Do any other companies have custom paint options like the BMW Individual program?

    • porsche will also paint your car whatever your heart desires, provided you open up your wallet wide (porsche : porsche exclusive :: bmw : bmw individual).

      rave green is such a great color- previously owned by one of us at this blog. affectionately referred to here as candy apple green.

  6. I HAVE TO VIOLENTLY DISAGREE with you sir!!!! My first car was a pear green 1977 Buick Le Sabre…..and there is NOTHING lovely or beautiful or delightful about driving a pear green car! It is however, possible, that the car in my story was the problem; anyhow, in addition to the horrendous pear green exterior, my Le Sabre delighted the crowds with a LIME GREEN velvet interior and green vinyl trimmings. It was utterly ghastly. I am gagging just thinking about it…..

  7. I think I need to get some color with the next car, I’m stuck in Spinal Tap mode with the last two cars, Black/Black with 35% tints all around and a Black PA DARE plate, “None More Black”.

    Unfortunately for myself and Porsche, I don’t have the type of wallet necessary for the level of customization they offer. Maybe one day, after depreciation has worked its Magic, I can get ahold of a used M car with one of the Individual paint colors. A friend used to have a 4 door M3 in a burnt orange color BMW refers to as Byzanz, and it was sweet!

  8. The best color on a Triumph Speed triple is the Apple Green color. SO TIGHT

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