Not something you see every day

Is it weird to say we kinda like it? Certainly, an excellent pic. It’s always a kick seeing big American cars where you’re normally not accustomed to seeing them— the sheer novelty of it. As in, they buy those there? Voluntarily?

Germany somewhere.


~ by velofinds on January 19, 2011.

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  1. A Magnum with Chrysler badging. Interesting…

  2. In Europe and Australia, the Magnum is sold as the Chrysler 300 Touring. It is essentially the same as the U.S.-market Magnum, but with the Chrysler 300C’s front end and interior, and right-hand-drive for Australia and the U.K. The 300C Touring adds an available 3.0L CRD Turbo Diesel version. The 300C Touring is assembled in Austria.


  3. Goes to show you, people have bad taste everywhere.

  4. Could be an American serviceman stationed at Ramstein or somewhere, yearning for a slice of home.

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