Noticed that this gorgeous E9 is for sale

Previously featured here, and one of the best modified examples of an E9 we’ve ever seen. Originally a California car that’s now offered in Virginia, bidding has been active with about four days remaining in the auction. In the E9 forum where the car is also listed, the seller indicates he’s looking for $16.5K, which we think is more than reasonable for the example shown. If only…

~ by velofinds on January 18, 2011.

7 Responses to “Noticed that this gorgeous E9 is for sale”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. One day, she will be mine…Oh yes, she will be mine…

  3. Stunning.
    Why doesn’t BMW build cars like this any more ?

    • i am sure it all comes down to economics. they are not the same car company they used to be, and they have found (or honed over a long period of time) a better business model.

  4. 16.5k isn’t too bad for this car – looks good overall.

    WM – BMW can’t make cars like this due to the economics of production and parts, etc. Same reason Mercedes’ of today aren’t built like they used to be.

  5. Holy crap!!! I didn’t realize this was right here!!

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