Snow day!

Our philosophy? Never let a good snow storm go to waste— this is the stuff that winter driving is made of 🙂 Decent snowfall is rare enough around these parts (more common to get a dusting – “flurries” – every now and then) that we try to make the most out of each one. And we already missed the first storm on account of travel two weeks back— we were determined not to miss the second.

Unfortunately, at one point we also badly misjudged a turn, sending the car plowing fender deep into a snowbank (not the first time, probably not the last). It was a mighty struggle, extricating ourselves from powder packed deep into the orifices of the car. It was at that moment we found ourselves wishing we had something a little more.. shall we say suitable?— for the occasion. An Audi allroad riding tall on stock suspension, say. Or an F-350 Crew Cab. Sure, we would have still misjudged the turn, but we probably wouldn’t have had to break out the shovel afterward. Thank god it was a soft landing at least.

We also made a mental note to pack a bigger shovel next time, seeing as how we’ll probably need it.

~ by velofinds on January 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Snow day!”

  1. Beautiful photos. I’m glad you made the best of it of the weather, and that you didn’t get stuck for too long 😉

  2. there’s nothing as fun as driving through the white! great stuff, man…..hope we have a few days more in the winter left like that!

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