It’s true that the latest M3 isn’t easy to love..

..and not because it’s a bad car (it isn’t, clearly), but because of the pesky social stereotypes with which modern BMWs seem to be shackled (though to be fair, it’s not the worst burden to have. Vaguely obnoxious? Yes. Bro car? Not quite, thankfully). And that’s too bad, because by near-universal accounts – professional and non – the E90/E92 drive fantastically, and we’d still love to own one. In fact, assuming we could only own one car, we’d go so far as to say an unassuming gray “stripper” M3 with four doors is the single do-it-all car for living with day in and day out that we’d most want to have, past or present. That’s really saying something.

Our two cents? They look great (or at least good enough). They drive great. They *sound* great. What more could you want? Just ignore the naysayers – we suspect sour grapes, mostly – and enjoy. Like this guy is doing.

Image by Julien Mahiels

~ by velofinds on January 13, 2011.

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