Could this be any more perfect?

The IEDEI blog has posted up a spectacular example of a classic 911, and it’s just too good not to swoop in and sloppy-second. While we don’t need a rare and fully-documented race car with a skull-numbing six-figure price tag four times over, we *do* need a street version of this car (a plain, well-sorted driver that won’t require one’s firstborn child as a deposit would do quite nicely)— with that stance! The interior is equally droolworthy— we can’t remember ever meeting a Momo Prototipo we didn’t like, and those oh-so-perfect bucket seats beckon like a siren song. We want to crawl into them and live there.

No object of our desire consumes us in quite the same way as a classic long-nose 911, and these photographs do nothing but reaffirm that fact.

Finally, a quibble: those tailpipes hang awfully low for our taste. But maybe that’s where they’re supposed to hang (unsure of this). Also, we prefer two simple, unadorned tailpipes to the ornate “waffle” pattern pipes shown on this car.

Symbolic International via IEDEI

~ by velofinds on January 11, 2011.

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  1. Where are harnesses???

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