2011 SCCA World Challenge GT CTS-V Coupe

Whoever thought the day would come where we’d be admiring a Cadillac race car? Given the lumbering, hulking warships of our youth – Caddies that look about as rewarding to drive as an oil tanker, with shudder-inducing names like Seville, Fleetwood, Brougham, and Eldorado – it boggles the mind. It’s absolute insanity.

Cadillac, you’ve come a long way, baby. Words do not even begin to describe.

The press release:

Cadillac today released the first photographs of the CTS-V Coupe race car, which will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Monday, Jan. 10. Cadillac announced last month it was re-entering the Sports Car Club of America World Challenge GT racing series for the 2011 season, which begins March 25-27 in St. Petersburg, Fla. Johnny O’Connell, a three-time GT1 champion in the America Le Mans Series, and Andy Pilgrim, who won the 2005 SCCA World Challenge GT class in a Cadillac, will be behind the wheel of the CTS-V racecars. The first on-track tests will be conducted in late January at Sebring International Raceway. (1/6/2010)  (United States)

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  1. It’s the Caddy that Zigs!

  2. I’ll see a Catera now and again and still laugh about that line. WTF on that one, GM. Anyway lame tv commercials aside I do quite like the new styling of the new CTS.

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