TG in NYC, i.e., what the hubbub earlier this year was all about.. case, like us, you missed Season 16’s premiere over the holidays. In particular, we found the footage of Clarkson and May doing jackrabbit starts off some of America’s busiest pedestrian intersections to be priceless.

So, given that they weren’t allowed to take the West Side Highway, what would we have done? Easy— Tenth Avenue. Game, set, match. But then it wouldn’t have been much of a TV show.

See the rest of it here (including footage from VIR).

~ by velofinds on January 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “TG in NYC, i.e., what the hubbub earlier this year was all about..”

  1. I’m fairly confident they could film Clarkson eating breakfast and reading the paper and it would be more entertaining than 99% of what is on television.

  2. thanks for posting! I’ve been trying to find the rest of the episode for a while.

    To what Mike said – I think we here in the US miss out on a lot of good BBC programming that the 3 guys do for travel and other specials that are far better than most US programming – ahem – TopGearUSA cough cough.

  3. F-ing brilliant!
    I DO think it would have been great if one of the following two things had happened.
    1) They were up against a yellow cab (who would have beaten them by 45 minutes)
    2) One of them got some really surly New Yorker to get in the car and give directions. And hilarity would ensue.
    Anyway, awesome stuff!

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