Big bumpers? Yes— and?

Have we been guilty of being big bumper snobs when it comes to 911s? Yes. Can we see ourselves quickly getting over it, especially in light of jaw-dropping examples such as the one below? Oh hell yes.

This might be the most perfect stance we’ve ever seen on any classic 911.


~ by velofinds on January 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Big bumpers? Yes— and?”

  1. This car was featured in a magazine a few months back IIRC. Terrific example. Perfect in every way inside and out.

  2. The original design is certainly more pure, but there has always been something more aggressive about Big Bumpers.

    Considering other manufacturer’s response to ‘federalized’ regs for low-speed crash capacity, Porsche did not do such a bad job. While I do miss my Mexico Blue S Targa, my next 911 would indeed be a pre-73 though. Neko.

    • my favorite classic porsches are the ‘long hood’ or ‘long nose’ examples for sure, but i could definitely get on board with a big bumpered sc or ’80s carrera. i didn’t always feel that way, but cars like the one posted here have made me change my mind.

      agree that porsches of this egregious period are not as bad as, say, BMWs and their ridiculous diving board bumpers. yikes!

  3. Thanks. Ha. My favorite short hoods with impact bumpers are the rally cars. A different stance all together. This car is sweet though.

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