We don’t expect to be in the market for an SUV for quite awhile..

..if ever. But if we were, we know what would be at the top of our short – very short – list.

On. The. Money.

Yes, we think the Range Rover Classic has aged wonderfully, and looks every bit as good now as it did then, if not better.

Honorable mentions?

FJ60 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser (1988-1990). What a handsome, genteel truck that was— in retrospect, more than it was probably given credit for back at the time.

Second generation Land Rover Range Rover (1994-2001). Probably a decent pick-up now.

Indisputably badass, but ultimately too expensive, hardcore, and impractical for us: Land Rover Defender 110 (1993 only in USDM; extremely rare). Hands down our money-no-object pick, though.

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~ by velofinds on January 5, 2011.

13 Responses to “We don’t expect to be in the market for an SUV for quite awhile..”

  1. No Laforza love, MCB?

  2. had forgotten about that, to be honest with you! but it’s too out there for me. might appeal more to someone like the automobiliac or IEDEI, guys who have stronger stomachs for weird cars.

  3. I would be quite happy with a Defender 90. Or, yes, a vintage Range Rover.

  4. god, those are nice. one of the cars i most wanted in high school. still wouldn’t mind owning one.

  5. Better have a look at the Rayton Fissore Magnum or the Monteverdi Safari !
    Hotter and so scarce.

  6. funny,
    met my fiance in high school while stealing a ride in my dads Defender 90, it worked apparently.

  7. Can you never post about SUVs again?
    Thanks 🙂

  8. really enjoying motoring is not only winding roads and burnouts but also some honest offroading

  9. So owning an SUV means having it parked in the garage with the hood open? Good man! 😉

  10. The classic RR shows just how bloated the Range Rover has become.

    My favourite old-school SUV is the AMG G55.

  11. That Toyota is an FJ62, not an FJ60. The 62’s were from ’88-’90 and had 4 rectangular headlamps, electric mirrors and windows, EFI and slushboxes. The 60’s had 2 round headlamps and were all manual. Great trucks. My bride and I drove an ’89 from Skagway, AK to the Mexican border in July of 09.

  12. One word – Overfinch

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