Winter zen

The same car, if we’re not mistaken.

Images by Alex Willems

~ by velofinds on December 28, 2010.

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  1. The rear end of the newer 911s is so clean and beautifully executed. I love the “walter de Silva” light treatments!

  2. Agreed. The facelifted 997s have my favorite taillights. Even bone stock this car is so sick; such a great colorway and cool setting for the photo BUT I always gotta laugh at these herbs that leave the wings up. Everyone knows those things are supposed to flip up automatically at 60mph (or whatever freeway speed) and even my little sisters know that that wing is doing nothing for your car’s performance at speeds lower than that, and it certainly is doing nothing for the looks either. Just sayin.

  3. Yeah at speed I’m sure they’re necessary (whether they’re necessary at 60mph is questionable); it just makes me laugh that someone makes a conscious decision to flip the “full time wing” switch.

    “Hmm, I’m driving one of the sportiest sports cars of all time, but I feel that under 60mph it’s just not looking sporty enough. Let’s turn up the sporty.”

    • Maybe the speed sensing part is broken, and they did not want to swap ends at high speed so switched it up, and forgot to switch it back down for the photograph?

      Or, perhaps in the snow the extra downforce at 25km/h is needed too?

      Or, they just like to show off as you suggest. The most likely scenario I agree, and one I would be more than happy to anguish over…

  4. hah! too funny mike.

  5. Maybe he had spread bird seed on the wing and was waiting there hoping some birds would stop by and feed?

    • given that it doesn’t have the kind of enviable real estate of the older whale tail (which has already proven its worth in handling more substantive fare), i’d say your birdseed theory holds water.

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