Love note to the MkI and MkII Ford Escort

Cars we didn’t grow up with (the loathsome USDM versions don’t count) and never knew (at least until the dawn of the Interweb era) could be this cool. This is visceral, deeply impressive stuff.

And these are always good— think these guys are having fun much?

Also good:

Added 1/14/11:

Images: jonbradbury, Julien Mahiels, Dave Adams, Alex Cleland,,, and others

~ by velofinds on December 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “Love note to the MkI and MkII Ford Escort”

  1. You even squeezed in a Ford Capri (mk3 if’I’m correct) on picture number 10 😉

  2. Ford UK really made some awesome cars, and contributed enormously to Ford’s prestige in the racing world throughout the 60s and 70s.

  3. Yep the number is a Capri 😉

    There is loads of escorts on my flickr and you had to take the capri :p

  4. whoops! thank you both for the correction. @julien, i was trying to look for one going sideways 🙂

  5. actually, this is one of my favorite images from you ever. so badass.

  6. That one is sideways. My boss has 2 of those. He owns an ex WRC escort wearing bastos colors.

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