Model bloat.. its most eye-popping. To be fair, the 8C isn’t what you’d call a direct descendant of the 33 Stradale, but nevertheless, a contrast this stark is enough to leave a person slackjawed.

But in spite of that, we genuinely think the 8C isn’t a bad looker. It’ll never be revered like the legendary (and breathtakingly rare) 33 Stradale, but it also stands on its own merits just fine.

(via 8000vueltas, which has much more of this)

~ by velofinds on December 16, 2010.

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  1. Too bad it’s a photoshopped picture. Would like to see a real encounter.

  2. oh is it?? thanks for the information. photoshopped to make one look even smaller (or bigger) than the other, or photoshopped as in the two were not actually photographed side by side (but the sizes are more or less accurate)?

  3. …I really do not believe this is photoshopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time. 😀

    (Sorry I had to).

  4. I have seen both cars in person at the Alfa Century (not side by side, but about 10 feet apart). This photo is either real or a realistic representation of the truth that I have been saying all along: the 8c is a bloated, stubby design more akin to a Pontiac Soltice than to any classic Alfa.

  5. If these are even close to a real representation then, well, damn! How did people fit into cars before model bloat?

  6. growing up 😉

  7. The 8C is one of the best looking cars of the modern age. Sure the differences are staggering and scale amazing, but considering the parameters designers of today have to work with, I think we have something pretty special. And like all Alfas it’s dynamically flawed and far from mechanically perfect. (so I hear!) But damned if it isn’t beautiful.
    I say, well done.

    • Are you serious? Give me a break, man. Even given the new regulations, there are a host of better looking exotic cars like the Aston Martin DBS, the 458 Italia, the 599 Fiorano, not to mention the Porsche 911 GT3, for example, all of which have 5 times the “Holy Shit” factor in person that this car does. This is coming from an Alfista, too!

    • it’s a personal preference. and i think the 8c has more ‘oh shit’ factor than a 911 gt3 (even though i’d rather drive – and own – a gt3).

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