You may be New Stratos'd out..

..and for that we wouldn’t blame you. But the thing is so damn beautiful that we feel compelled to run these pics, which are the best we’ve seen of the car yet.

The designers (and from what we gather, the engineers) got it so right with this one. New or old, it’s very rare that we get this excited about a car we’ll never come anywhere close to even sniffing in this lifetime. But the Stratus Redux has managed to do exactly that.

And there may be more to come.

…the issue of production is something still being discussed long and hard with Pininfarina. The bottom line is that if enough potential customers show up cash-in-fist and ready to buy, we’re likely to see a limited series of New Stratos, probably fewer than a hundred (probably way fewer). Think of the New Stratos as a Bugatti Veyron for people who prefer their exclusive machinery with a rather angrier attitude. Pricing will be in the range of $650,000.


~ by velofinds on December 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “You may be New Stratos'd out..”

  1. Annnnd 8 more additions to my rotating desktop pictures folder. So limited, unexpected, and potentially disappointing. But completely not.

    Totally awesome.

  2. Can’t you buy a real one for a lot less than 650K??

  3. @nater- good point, anytime you revive a nameplate this… sanctified, the potential for disappointment can be off the charts. this is obviously on a much smaller scale, but a recent example i’m reminded of is the honda crz and crx.

    @brad- true, but does the real one drive like a SWB f430 scuderia? (maybe even better, who knows)

  4. Steep price considering whoever bought the original one-off probably paid for Lancia’s development costs on this beast. Money no object? I’d own it. Otherwise I’d take a 430 Scuderia for a lot less money.

  5. This is the best Lancia of the past 20-odd year.
    Even Luca Di Montezemolo approves !

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