Cinematic cars: Lamborghini Islero 400 S (GTS) in "The Man Who Haunted Himself" (1970)

Roger Moore gets to drive all the nicest damn cars onscreen. And look like a lothario, too. In 1970’s “The Man Who Haunted Himself”, the camera lingers over the Islero lovingly – almost salaciously – at every opportunity. And we can’t say we blame the director.

The car that Roger Moore drives when he appears as Pelham’s doppelganger is a Lamborghini Islero S, and it features prominently throughout the movie, most notably in the car chase that forms the climax of the story. The make and model of car is not named in the script, leaving viewers for the most part mystified as it was such a rare model. Lamborghini only built 100 examples of this ‘S’ model, and this is one of only 2 that went to the UK. The actual car from the film (chassis #6432) has been restored to perfection and is still in the UK in private ownership (it was also made news recently by being placed on the market by its owner— Ed.). The Islero is regarded by many as one of the best cars Lamborghini ever built, and indeed was the favourite of Feruccio himself. The simplicity and purity of the design exudes power and style without being overly flamboyant (source).

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4 Responses to “Cinematic cars: Lamborghini Islero 400 S (GTS) in "The Man Who Haunted Himself" (1970)”

  1. Actually – it’s me chasing Roger Moore – for nearly ruining the Bond franchise!

  2. I love the moustache. Reminds me of one of Bond’s many clever disguises.

  3. Wow that was a blast from the past. Thanks very much for bringing this one up; I haven’t seen this for years, didn’t even know the films name. This movie used to scare the crap out of me when it was played on ITV late at night, then again I must have been only 10 or 12. Funniest thing is that I don’t recall the Lambo at all but the big Rover plays prominently in my nightmares. Thanks for another sleepless night….mummy…..

  4. Just watching the film now on a rainy afternoon, great film that scared me when I was young and had to google the name of the car, thought it was an early TVR! So glad it is a rare Lamborghini.

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