Police, er, livery (real or imagined)

We tried to exclude some of the more common examples you may have already seen kicking around the web (a couple of exceptions notwithstanding), so hopefully many of these will be fresh.

Still doesn’t make the prospect of actually seeing one in your rear-view mirror any more exciting, though.

Various sources (too many to list), but running a simple Google Image search or two will return the majority of these examples.

~ by velofinds on December 3, 2010.

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  1. I’m guessing the green Type 2 about 3/4 of the way down was probably not used in high speed pursuits.

  2. same goes for the two volvo amazons i’d say, and maybe a couple others (none of which were known for their straight-line performance).

  3. I like the set of three, fourth from last, what’s that one closest to the camera? The last one is sexy! Doesn’t look like he could fit in there. And where do they stuff the handcuffed on these little two seaters? Another interesting post. Cheers.

  4. @zahara, one closest to camera (set of three) in the fourth from last is i believe a nissan 350z of recent vintage. 6-footers are supposed to be able to squeeze into an elise, just (it’s also really tiny, so the car may be exaggerating his height). i don’t think they’re actually hauling anyone away in these though.

    He added the car was not not an operational police car and unable to get involved in high speed chases: “The idea is that drivers will come to us and have a chat,” he said.

    “We generally turn up at events where youngsters hang out.

    “With this vehicle they actually come over and want to talk to us. Then we introduce the road safety message.”


  5. Mommy, I want an Alpine A110 Police Car for Christmas!

  6. More gallic police cars :

    The first fast car, a Matra Djet 6, 3 were sold, 1300cc/95bhp

    Then the Alpine A310 :

    Check out this thread : http://alpinerenault.free.fr/outils/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=17127

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