What driving Stelvio, et al looks like

For those who ever wondered, here’s a taste. Pretty much looks like our idea of heaven.

From the creator of the video:

The goal was simple: an Ultimate driving experience. 1000 miles of twisty and windy driving nirvana, the scenic Alps across Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, all spread out over 10 days of pure Bliss.

This is a compilation of a few drives and mountain passes on my 335is immediately after I picked it up via the European Delivery program.

Notable mountain passes in the video: Stelvio pass, Timmelsjoch, Pordoi pass, Bernina pass, Fluela pass, San Bernadino pass, St. Gotthard pass, Grimsel pass, just to name a few.

Car: 2011 BMW 335is DCT
Equipment: Canon 7D, Sigma 8-16mm, Gripper 3025
Workflow: ffmpeg, mencoder, Blender VSE


~ by velofinds on November 17, 2010.

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  1. needless to say, best watched full screen..

  2. and with the music off…

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