Ronal Turbos actually being used in motorsport

Ronal Turbos are some great-looking wheels (they pair especially beautifully with older VW Sciroccos and Golfs), but you mostly only see them on tuner/show cars. Well here they are, burnishing their motorsport bona fides.

We admit, though— we have no idea how heavy or strong these wheels are, although they’re apparently good enough to run on this track-prepped MkI (and not look out of place). Anyone know?


~ by velofinds on November 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ronal Turbos actually being used in motorsport”

  1. Cast wheel, in 15×7 they weight 18lbs/8.16kgs. Not sure how strong they are though..

  2. Guys, that’s a Mk1. Hofmeister-esque kink gives the game away.

  3. thanks- updated the description and the tags.

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