We need to rub our eyes for a second

There are two things wrong with these Porsche photos:

  1. it’s a Panamera
  2. it’s the V6 Panamera

Or so we would have thought.

Instead, what we’re left wondering is this: could it be that the Panamera is actually – horror of horrors – growing on us? Maybe it’s just this particular package (the black paint, the 997.2 Turbo wheels, the lowered (?) ride height); maybe it’s the skillfully-executed photographs; heck, maybe it’s just the light that’s flattering the car— but we must confess, we had to do a double-take to make sure our eyes weren’t deceiving us. As in, is that a Panamera… looking… good?

Make no mistake: she still needs to go on a diet. And some angles continue to not work. But this might just be the first time where we didn’t find ourselves having to avert our eyes.

Let us know if you think we’ve lost our marbles. We confess, we’re not so sure ourselves.


~ by velofinds on November 2, 2010.

22 Responses to “We need to rub our eyes for a second”

  1. Let’s label this as the best looking Panamera we’ve seen so far.

    The best example of a ugly car, or should it be “the least worse” then? Anyway… You’ll catch my drift 😉

  2. further to etienne’s recent comments, one can’t help but wonder if time will be kind to this car, and if it’ll actually be more desirable in about twenty years than it is now.

  3. Gimme a break, man…Time will not be kind. This car will be like the Ferrari 412. Unloved and depreciated.

  4. the big difference is that with this car, the performance is there – no one accuses it of being a poor or anemic driver – and that i think counts for a lot.

  5. Well, when they are worth 5-10K in 10 years, you can buy one as your grocery getter then!

  6. nope still ugly ;)_

  7. I’ve driven the Panamera complete line (V6, 4S, Turbo) and if you can forget the style of the car (the interior is gorgeous), the V6 is as fun as the Turbo because the engine is smooth and deliver just enough power. But yeah, can’t argue on the styling…!

  8. I have thought about the Panamera quite a bit in this context. Of course I hate this car as well as the Cayenne with a passion; regardless of “how amazing cars they are”. The problem with Panamera and Porsche in general today is the huge abundance of cars around. Porsche is almost a victim of its own success; in a way it diminishes the appeal if something is so abundant. In the luxury goods segment sales success is almost always at the cost of the brand. What makes it worse, is that Porsche will continue to evolve this car similar to what BMW, Audi and the like are doing to their luxury saloons. So it will never be “special”. It will become just like another 90’s BMW or Audi. Unless, unless, they immediately stop making it. Then it will become a classic, 20-30 years down the line!

  9. It has moments where I would want to own one but then I look at the price relative to the appearance and I can’t reconcile the two. It looks ok and that’s a big step for me to say that but I don’t love it like a do the other porsches(the new cayenne looks much better).

    It’ll be awkward 20 years from now and probably end up with a big following like the 928 albeit less timeless like the 924.

  10. it’s the light, and the angles. A picture of this is exact profile would be just as unflattering. Bit of a pig.

  11. Ugliness still persist…but…photos are nice.


  12. For the same kind of money I’d just buy an F01 Alpina B7

  13. Things wrong with these photos #3 it’;s a blinged up Panamera.
    Double YUK.

  14. Ironically, the way styling is heading, you have to fill the arches with wheel coming from the factory. Otherwise, the body of most modern cars dwarf the wheels. The best example is the 2011 328i with the non-Sports Package 16 inch wheels – terrible look!

  15. I looked carefully at one the other day on the street. The basic problem is that you see the front end and the tail and think 911…then the extra foot of width and 4 feet of length fill in the middle, and it just doesn’t work. Porsche should have clean-slated this one.

  16. I hate this car and the cayenne. I also drove them both last week and f you are in the market for this type of car, they spank anything they are compared to-performance wise.

  17. Yup. A bit of lipstick does indeed make that fatter pig look a little better. Not much though.

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