Porsche Carrera RS in Jamiroquai's "White Knuckle Ride"

Jamiroquai, in case the name doesn’t ring a bell, is the band led by frontman (and celebrity car guy) Jay Kay— sort of Britain’s answer to Leno, but with slightly more focused taste (given the latter’s far-reaching love of weird and wacky automotive esoterica).

The car looks absolutely fantastic, as you might expect. The music? We’ll try to be diplomatic and say that there is better music, but also worse. Or put another way, while we wouldn’t exactly “recommend it to family and friends,” we didn’t end up turning it off, either.

The video looks good, in any event.

Earlier (and very much in the same vein of ‘supercars on awesome roads in distant lands’)..

~ by velofinds on October 21, 2010.

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  1. I’m a fan of Jamiroquai, but i know it’s an aquired taste. I was pleased to see he did some of the flying himself in his own helicopter, which I’ve seen a few times here in the UK at BTCC events and once at Goodwood!

  2. jamiroquai… is not bad. perhaps i was being overly critical, but i do mean it when i say there are worse things to listen to. if anything, i find them to be a bit of a throwback sound (while at the same time not being slavishly traditional), so that to me is not unwelcome.

  3. Yeah rocked to them back in the 90’s very cool video not half-bad tune either. They did one back in the day with a couple of lambos and I think an F40 too.

    • it’s a repost, but what the hell:

      Before filming, Jay’s Diablo had to be shipped overseas for the video shoot. Apparently, the company which was hired to transport the car had a driver that was keen to drive the car. Jay let the guy drive the car, but he was involved in an accident which wrecked the car, rendering the $239,000 car completely unusable. The car that appears in the video was rented from a local collector. The F40 was provided by the Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who drove in the video as well.

  4. I think he just wanted an excuse to play with his toys and get a tax write-off! Haha. Fun video but I was hoping a hot girl would emerge from the Porsche at the end. FWIW I liked the song.

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