The 'other' car

Yeah, Rusty, aka The Godfather, aka “Batsh-t Crazy” may get all the mainstream press, but how about owner Mike Burroughs’ ‘other’ car, the sane-in-comparison S54’d, velocity stack’d E36?

Like the E28 gone straight to hell – in all its chopped roof, frame-dragging, ‘low-is-a-lifestyle’ glory – the stretched, slammed, AMG Monoblock’d E36 isn’t exactly our thing, but to call the handiwork that went into the final product anything less than deeply impressive would be intellectually dishonest. Regardless of our tastes, we can tell and appreciate craftsmanship when we see it.

AWOL (which knows how to make a video about as slick as Burroughs’ cars are polarizing) brings the story as well as the visual and aural goods— if this doesn’t make converts out of skeptics, then nothing will. Good stuff starts around the 3:27 mark – the S54 with its velocity stacks makes an heroic noise – but the whole thing is worth a watch:

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~ by velofinds on October 7, 2010.

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  1. Mike Burroughs is pretty much my hero.

  2. mike does great stuff – but I can’t be onboard with the AMG rims on an E36. Not because of the two brands but mainly because they don’t work together.

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