The Caterham Roadsport 125 Monaco

The what? The Caterham Roadsport 125 Monaco, i.e., the no-frills, entry-level Caterham. Which will still deliver greater thrills and driving satisfaction than just about anything else on the road— ‘entry-level’ in the loosest use of those words. Looks so old school, so simple, so… inviting. Watching this, you truly get the sense that this is how pure sports cars are meant to be, with as few sensation-dulling layers as realistically possible between the driver and the four contact patches keeping him or her glued to the pavement. This has become a cliché when talking about cars, but it really does remind us of an oversized go-kart.

~ by velofinds on October 5, 2010.

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  1. Arh…I miss my Seven. The daily ritual of removing road grime from my ears, the fear of hatchbacks but most of all the thrill of booting it along.

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