Fulvia HF eye candy

Quoth Jeremy Clarkson (who never met a metaphor he didn’t like): “[the Fulvia].. really is as pretty as the sun setting over Charlize Theron.”

Nice little TG bit on Lancias (jump to the 0:50 mark to go straight to the Fulvia):

C/D also has a great blog post on the 1.3 Rallye, which the writer of the post owns.

Weighing in at about 2050 pounds, the Fulvia has enough power to easily keep up with modern traffic but it’s not exactly quick. In Road & Track’s September 1967 test (which you can read here), the Fulvia 1.3 Rallye managed a 0–60 time of 12.6 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 18.6 seconds. Clearly the Fulvia isn’t about straight-line speed; it is more about light and lithe handling. Steering feel is accurate and precise at speed, although the slow 4.2 turns lock-to-lock result in more sawing at the wheel than is required in a modern car.

Fulvia coupes should wear 145R-14 Michelin X tires, but finding any tires in that size in the U.S. is a challenge. I’ve settled for 155R-14 tires which make the gearing slightly taller, resulting in more relaxed cruising at 80 mph. Despite having tires that look like temporary spares, the Fulvia has a remarkable amount of grip and is shockingly well balanced considering the 61/39 front/rear weight distribution. The chassis consists of a control-arm front suspension sprung by a transverse leaf spring and a beam axle in the rear held in place by two longitudinal leaf springs.

Technically advanced in its day, the Fulvia still offers a pure and undiluted driving experience missing in modern cars. And, it is one old car that doesn’t ask its owner to baby it. Recklessly throw a Fulvia into a few corners and it will come as no surprise that the Fulvia became a wildly successful rally car in the late 1960s and early 1970s. And how’s this for a bloodline: on the rally circuit, the Fulvia was replaced by the legendary Lancia Stratos.

Read the rest of the writeup here.

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  1. LOVE THE HF!!
    That rail thin C pillar and the rear view are just dead hot.

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