Renault Mégane III RS 250

Now here’s an undeniably hot Mégane RS 250. The lowered suspension and lightweight OZ Alleggeritas (not exactly pretty, but certainly respectably sporting for a street wheel) have something to do with that, no doubt. On looks alone, we could see this car giving the Scirocco R a run for its money (the critics appear to be split on it vis-à-vis the Focus RS). Naturally, all three cars are nothing but a pipe dream here in the States, given that we get none of them— not a single one. Boo.

We’ll just have to settle for living vicariously through the usual roundup of British motoring journalists.

Can anyone tell us what road in Spain this is?

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~ by velofinds on September 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Renault Mégane III RS 250”

  1. down here in oz, we have just been approved for a small shipment (331 cars) of focus RS’. the megane is still a way off and the sirocco is also not confirmed to arrive. 1 outta 3 is a good start tho!

  2. Sure looks like a Focus from the side!

  3. it definetely is the south of spain, but who knows exactly where…
    there are plenty like this. may be ronda

  4. I love it, beats the scirocco hands down. You guys are on a roll this week!

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