Forest green where you wouldn’t really expect to find it

And rather unexpectedly looking fairly amazing.

944 on Carrera RS-look wheels:

E30 M3 on OZ Mitos. The wheels are love-it-or-leave-it (we don’t dislike them, though we prefer a more OEM+ look), but we would so rock the forest green with or without them:

And just for good measure:

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~ by velofinds on August 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Forest green where you wouldn’t really expect to find it”

  1. Forest Green, BRG, Ferrari’s Silverstone Green; all the same? Nice here regardless! Neko.

  2. That 944 has the one mod I think they all need. The 924 Carrera Non flip up headlight conversion. I see it rarely, but would hope thats how I would have it, if I ever have a 944 turbo. I typically hate forest green, but I wouldn’t cry about any of these. I also hate yellow cars and I have one.

  3. These pictures clearly show that green is a very nice colour for a sportscar. Makes me feel good about owing a green sportscar myself…

  4. another. really loving this:

  5. it continues! will there be any end?

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