New toy!

Sorry, it’s not a car— we went out and got ourselves a cheap video camera. Here’s a little quick-and-dirty.

Pardon the rank amateurishness— it’s our first time trying to cobble together video of any sort. We hate having to add music, but without it, all you’d hear is the sound of rushing wind (white noise, basically) thanks to the chintzy onboard mic— very unpleasant. This is inexpensive consumer video, after all.

More of this – and of better quality, hopefully – to come.

~ by velofinds on August 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “New toy!”

  1. What a nicely paved road!! Needs more turns though 🙂
    To improve the sound quality, I’d recommend putting some sort of a DIY windblocker over the mic – either a bit of foam from old headphones, or a cotton ball…duct taped. Works wonders!
    You can, of course, mount it on the inside to the windshield via a $6 suction cup from eBay. But that won’t give you the rendezvous camera angle 🙂

  2. beautiful shots with the sun coming through..

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