New to us: Jaguar XJC

Rare coupé version of the four-door saloon, looking unquestionably hot lowered and on a set of forward-looking wheels. We would so roll this.

Images: There is also some decent information on these cars here and here.

Edit (11/19/2010): lots more of this here

~ by velofinds on August 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “New to us: Jaguar XJC”

  1. Great looking Jag!

  2. why no grill


    needs small euro / early style bumpers

  3. There is a racing version of that car fielded by British Leyland in the period that is totally BAD ASSSSS.

  4. indeed. came across it while looking up more information on this car:

  5. That’s the one! So tasty!

  6. I’ve seen the black one in a magazine. The ‘C is sort of equivalent to a BMW CS Coupe.


    more info.

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