Three Vantages of different stripes

It’s strange, the more the ‘Internets’ go ape for the Ferrari 458, the stronger we’re drawn to… the Aston Martin Vantage? Apples and oranges, to be sure, and the otherworldly looks of the 458 are more likely to cause a sensation, but personally, we prefer the classical GT looks of the Aston.

Here, then, are three different versions of the ‘baby’ Aston for your viewing pleasure. Hey, one can always dream.

The V12, drop-dead gorgeous in this shade of red:

The V12 Vantage RS— before concept became reality:

Perhaps the hottest of them all, the V8 Vantage GT4. Slicks and motorsport-look wheels tend to have that effect:

And of course, let’s not forget this earlier paean.

(Manufacturer photos)

~ by velofinds on August 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Three Vantages of different stripes”

  1. A 458 is a car I would probably lease for a few years, a V12 Vantage is the kind of car I would buy out right and keep to give to my kids. As you guys said, it just seems timeless in shape and look…and as Clarkson said, that type of car might be on the way out the way the auto industry is heading.

  2. the body-colored hood louvres on the RS are clutch. The matte black on the production version– while very tough-looking– are too after-market-looking to me. reminds me of the vented hoods I saw on a bunch of 21 year olds’ M3’s at Bimmerfest.

  3. The Rapide is better looking, honestly.

    • funnily enough, i actually prefer the looks of the quattroporte to the rapide. they occupy different pricepoints, but if they were direct competitors, i would choose the maser if judging solely on the basis of looks (i.e., the aston might very well be the better car overall).

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