Ferrari owners tracking their cars

A novel concept? Maybe not so much after all (provided one falls into a certain category of Ferrari owner, and not the other).

Absolutely amazing green Dino, which we have never before seen. What a fantastic color.

Images: Richard Thompson III (

~ by velofinds on July 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ferrari owners tracking their cars”

  1. Tracking a 288 GTO ftw

  2. This is what Ferraris have always been meant for from the start. Drive to the track, slap a number on it, race, and then drive it home.

  3. Even when prepared for racing/trackdays, like the one in the pictures, the 288GTO remains the best looking Ferrari ever in my opinion.

    What a great looking car!

  4. I saw another 2010 California today and it just doesn’t do much for me compared to something like this line-up – it’s like an Italian SL Class.

    I’ll take that black Challenge Stradale please!

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