This is a pretty serious prop for a fashion shoot

Can’t say we’ve ever seen this before: a Carrera RS (or a lookalike, in any case) making an appearance in what is ostensibly a fashion shoot. The Airstream further adds to the weirdness (or awfulness, depending on your point of view). This is either a sheer stroke of happenstance (someone on set just happened to have a ducktailed Carrera on hand), or some art director somewhere has just given himself or herself away as a dyed-in-the-wool sports car nut.

The car looks great, in any case. We don’t mind the placement of the number plate (though we suspect some folks may feel otherwise), and we dig the roof-mounted spare tire a heck of a lot. As for the models… we’ll just sort of pretend they aren’t there. Any Photoshop wizards in the house?

Intersection Magazine (via tcl)

~ by velofinds on July 26, 2010.

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  1. I saw this a few years ago in a magazine(can’t remember which but I think they’re now defunct) I was thinking the same thing – who the hell would use a car such a 2.7RS for this?!

  2. The magazine is Intersection. A car lifestyle magazine, which is actually pretty awesome. Every issue is about cars but intermixed with fashion and design and what have you. There is always something cool in that magazine. Isn’t any photo shoot better with a 911?

  3. Ahh, would help me to see intersection’s name on the bottom had I not been using a blackberry to view it!

  4. thought this was worth linking to here:

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