Monticello Motor Club to pull an about-face?

Got the following scoop in our inbox today from the PDA driving club:

We have been notified by [the Monticello Motor Club] they will not be open for club rentals after this season so make sure you get your chance to drive on this private motorsports club.

If true, then that’s a bummer. At about 80 miles northwest of New York City, the MMC is the closest track to us, and one we were planning on hitting up at least once every year. We’ll still have a few other places we can go, but the ~ 4 mile long course there is pretty special, considering its proximity to home.

A few pics from a track day last year:

~ by velofinds on July 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Monticello Motor Club to pull an about-face?”

  1. It is true. PDA a wonderful group and, in fact, the first HPDE group I ever drove with. Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is a private members club, and we opened a few days for HPDE groups – and prospective members – to try the track. Because 90% of our days are reserved for our members, we have very limited supply of track time we can rent, and we already can’t meet the demand of manufacturers who seek access to MMC for special press launch, etc.

    We have been honored to have PDA at MMC. We do have a membership geared towards track enthusiasts, called Track Mates (our Bronze Membership) which is $25,000 to join, $3,000/year in annual dues, 10 year membership, and you get 12 days at the track each season of which 6 can be weekend days.

    Thanks again,

    Ari Straus
    President, Monticello Motor Club

  2. Are they still in the running for an F1 race or is Austin getting it?

  3. thanks ari- wish you all the best.

    murray- austin is getting it..

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