Two Cossies and a Motorsport BMW

Mining the latest Top Gear some more. Damned if that Mercedes doesn’t look good! Our undisputed emotional choice of the bunch, although the E36 M3 is probably the best car. The interior (and JC’s reaction thereupon) is a riot, however.

~ by velofinds on July 6, 2010.

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  1. It was a good segment – glad to see top gear back on form.

    I’d still have the E36 though!

  2. As a long-standing TG fan, I have to admit this episode felt a bit stale. Many car enthusiasts watch this show and we don’t want jokes and pranks *all the time*. I think I will start watching 5th Gear more. Am I alone in thinking it is getting a bit predictable?

    To get back to your topic, the 2.3-16 is definitely the classy choice. James bought an absolute dog, though. The “test” would have been more valid with a proper E30 M3, but that would have been way out of budget as Richard pointed out. Comparing the E36 to those other cars makes the “test” really pointless.
    Amazing that the E36 is a good car, but no proper enthusiast want to touch them due to their “chav” image, and that they are so abundant (here in Europe) and usually heavily modified. Mostly by Portugese owners.

  3. @etienne: i was thinking how much i would have enjoyed seeing these cars put through their paces by tiff, jason, and vb-h on a proper road course. of course, 5th gear has its own problems and is sometimes itself unwatchable.

    i also appreciate the little things that TG does so well- music selection, for example (love how they cued blondie’s “rapture” just as richard hammond pulled up in the m3).

  4. You guys hit good points. Most times I want something that’s enjoyable first as I probably know a fair amount about the car being reviewed on Top Gear so the silliness is OK. However, sometimes Tiff comes off as so geeky that I actually feel like one just watching it. So if you watch Top Gear knowing it’s going to be funny first and informative second, then it’s probably for the best.

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