Got $39K burning a hole in your pocket?

Then perhaps you might be interested in this stunning example of the very fast, very exclusive W124 500E (one of several dream cars from our youth, and perhaps the ultimate Q-ship of that era) that turned up recently on BaT:

The wheels are an inch too big (BaT got it right, as usual) and we’re no fans of tinted windows, but this is still some pretty serious car. But is it $39,000 worth of car— especially in modified form? That’s a good question, and a pretty interesting discussion has materialized in the comments.

Still— wow. This is probably the nicest example we’ve seen in recent memory, possibly ever.

~ by velofinds on June 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Got $39K burning a hole in your pocket?”

  1. I think somebody should do a sociological or psychological study why the HECK people are always modifying cars.

  2. i think car enthusiasts can’t help themselves- they can’t leave well enough alone. of course, often times instead of fixing something (that wasn’t broken in the first place), they end up breaking it.

    with this particular car, i like some – but not all – of the modifications. i realize it’s an extremely rare car, but that doesn’t necessarily mean i would have left it completely stock (if it were mine).

  3. Make sure to check out the comments on BaT related to this entry and comments on our site when we mentioned this car last year about this time:

    Beautifully photographed example though. Just not likely to be ‘the one’ for that kind of scratch…


  4. 39K? Not even close. I could pick up a nice, stock, low mileage example for 15-20K and still have enough left over for an E34 M5..

    That’s way too much even for an equivalent stock 500E.

  5. I’ll say nothing about the price, because that is not a relevant topic for me….however about modification, I will say that sometimes one can be too cautious. If you want to enjoy your car in that manner, far be it from me to criticize. But its quite another thing when modification turns awry. I don’t believe that is the case in this instance.

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