The Renault Alpine A110

More Renault, but dipping further back in time— thought we’d give the Alpine A110 some much-needed run on our site. With their rear-engine layout, they’ve been called the French Porsche 911. All we know is that they’re very cool (in sort of a weird, funky, French way— classically pretty they are not), and very spendy. One can always dream.

Germany and France, looking very good together here. If there’s any car that can make the 911 look conventional, it’s probably the A110 (and we don’t necessarily mean that in a good way, given that we prefer the looks of the P-car).

Images via tcl, tumblr (various),,, Julien Mahiels, Markus Haub (

~ by velofinds on June 22, 2010.

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  1. These lil bolides are super light and deceptively fast in hill climb and rally competition. And you are right, they have gotten very expensive, as french collectors have stepped up.

    The cars have been assembled . under license, in Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. So specifications will vary.

  2. Jeez these things look mean!

  3. holy shit… perfect.

  4. THE GREATEST CAR OF ALL. Have covered this extensively on my blog…and it is my ultimate #1 dream car. there’s nothing cooler…

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